Globalization has set the stage for an increasing number of firms looking to expand or create opportunities in new markets around the world. However, when businesses venture into foreign markets, they need a guide that knows the market and customers, has the experience and know-how, and the operations infrastructure to set up the groundwork for launching and sustaining a successful business in the US.

We provide a comprehensive response to the challenges of global trading:

OEM Management & Distribution

We have manufacturing partners overseas with agents managing OEM and on-site quality assurance(QA) with the lowest average defective rate in the industry. Our QA is maintained through strict screening and managed by daily detailed quality control reports from the factory.

Sales & Marketing

Our marketing team oversees all aspects of branding, promotions, e-marketing, ecommerce, print and social media. Having the experience with sales process gives us insights into marketing and planning. We approach every brand and look for the unique solution for each.

Product Localization

Our infrastructure and experience in US retail market has allowed us to partner with manufacturers and business outside of the US, who want to branch out their business to the US markets. We are able to offer a full one-stop solution for any businesses which want to bring their products to the US markets.


  • OEM Management
  • Production Quality Control
  • Warehousing Logistics / EDI
  • Sales Management & Administration
  • Business Development
  • Order Processing


  • Customer Relations
  • Channel Management
  • Brand Development
  • Visual Identity Strategy
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Social media Marketing


  • Consultation Services
  • Localization Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Trademarking
  • Marketing and Distribution Strategies